You can choose from our catalogue, furniture and accesories to create an unique, particular and personal ambient
A chic cocktail lounge, an area of whimsical garden, a funky space for children, a corner of romantic love ... are endless.
Design a space, grasp its essence, to reflect your style and personality ... that is our task.
Decorating a place is much more than beautify it.
With the decoration you can transmit an idea, create an enviroment, generate feelings, but fundamentally you can make that it remains in the memory
With our choices of furniture and accessories.
A collection, growing and our exclusive pieces can make your event unique.
We specialize in the art of generating different climates and perceptions through the correct use of materials, lighting and colors, creating an atmosphere according to the style.


Our company is engaged to rental furniture and all kinds of elements related with space decoration, to complement your projects.

We collaborate in the project as far as the customer wants, sometimes only we rent the material other times also we take care of assembling. We work with scale distribution schemes to give the customer a better idea of how the space will be transform.

We like to emphasize the word SETTINGS, because in addition to furniture, we like to give a personal touch to each event, through decorative accessories such as pillowsfabrics, table settings, candles, bluffing, etc., playing with different combinations of colors and textures.

Who we are?

What and how we do?